Our history begins in 1926, when we started to work with metal casting, making basic valves for taps. Years go by and with Portugal growing in the construction sector, we decided to evolve and start producing complete taps under our own brand, JGS. Our first years were rough but allowed us to grow and gain experience in the processes that we now master.
JGS Torneiras offers its costumers a complete production system, that enables control on every step of the production. Our products are manufactured under high quality standards, from casting to assembly with no exception. Our long experience and tradition on the world of taps make us the right partner to develop and create new products and projects that can make a difference in peoples lives.
Over the past 30 years the company is completely dedicated to the production of sanitary taps. The investments that were made over the years in human resources, modern equipments and environmental processes allowed JGS to step up the game and be in the front row of the industry.